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Join the movement for a clean planet by participating in reducing the emission of CO2.! be the first to lead a change in your community today. We are here to assist you.

Know our statements

At Let’s Do It Cameroon, we strongly believe that change can be achieved only by acting together with others in positive collaboration.

Our Mission

Let’s Do It Cameroon is a national movement that tackles the plastic waste crisis by mobilizing millions of positive-minded people into coordinated local and global actions.

Our Vision

  • A clean world, waste-free environment
  • A peaceful environment void of hate, dirt, enmity, strikes, wars, jealousy, and evil.
  • An educated population on man and his environment.
  • A non-polluted environment, free from the destruction of the ozone layer from company waste mismanagement.

Our Values

  • Cooperation: Acting together.
  • Positivity: We take actions instead of pointing fingers.
  • People: We create a change in people.

Know More About Us

The Let’s do it movement began in Estonia in 2008 and in Cameroon in the same year under the supervision of Mr.Mbah Federick who coordinated about 100 people who came together to cleanup the country in just 5 hours, together collecting waste of about 10tons of mismanaged natural spaces and public areas….


Social Impact

We focus on creating societal impact and bringing change.


Trash Management

Over 330 trash bags collected


Waste Management

Over 46,000kg of waste removed


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Call us on +237 673338695 / +237 657859276 or simply book an appointment.

Have a Look at Our Philantropic Gestures

Waste Disposal

Empowering Hospitals, Educational institutions for Waste management and Road safety.


Hospital Waste Management

Hospital waste management practices are necessary to run a proper healthcare facility. If hospital waste is not managed correctly and disposed of, it can result in injury by contaminated sharps and infection with Hepatitis B, C, and HIV.


Market Waste Management

The waste management process involves the collection, transportation, and management of waste products or garbage. Market waste is directly collected from large heaps accumulated in front of the market.


Road Waste Management

Door to door garbage collection 


Plastic Disposal and Recycling

Without proper collection and disposal system, plastic contaminate the air, soil and water, thus causing harm to ecosystems and people.

To influence this societal shift, we bring our positive energies and mutual trust into all forms of cooperation and collaboration. We are responsible for providing secure long-term solid waste disposal.
Ngangnjoh Memunatu Riyuh
Let's Do It Country Director Cameroon
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