Educating African On Waste Management

Educating African On Waste Management

On the way to Tombel. The Tombel community and some schools will be receiving the Let’s Do It Cameroon team for Prospection, about a Project on environmental management and sustainable development and preparations for World Clean Up day 2020.

The project is: Educating African On Waste Management: case study; schools and communities in Cameroon.
Let’s Do It Cameroon is targeting 50 schools and 50 communities in all the 10 Regions of the country, and seeking to partner with different institutions to attain these goals.

The objectives of these projects are:

  • To educate schools and communities on waste management programs.
  • To contribute Sustainable Development Goals and creating awareness that these goals cannot be successfully achieved fully without making waste management a priority.
  • To contribute on an Economic Growth.
  • To mould the youths with proper and prepare them with powerful potentials on environmental protection.
  • To sensitize and mobilize them on World Clean Up Day.
    We are motivated
    We are moved
    We are moulded.

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