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The foundation Stone of the lets do it movement

Message from the director of the LDIW president.

“With ongoing inspiration toward our global network and partners, we will continue to grow and make change happen! Let’s Do It!.”
Heidi Solba
President & Head of Network

Our network of “let’s-doers” from East to West, and from orth to South, is the world’s biggest family—united by their dreams and actions. How unique it is to be bound together across oceans and borders, despite the cultural, political or religious differences. It has ONE face—the face of the human, the human who knows. We know that we have to continue to grow and spread the vibe of positive thinking followed up with positive action. Positive action to serve nature, the environment, and all society. It is a huge miracle to be bound together as the biggest global environmental family for a healthy planet, in these days in which humanity is having to live among restrictions and isolation. We know that in a crisis, we have to adjust ourselves—adjusting the ways in which we observe and understand, how we adapt and act, and eventually how we grow and use the best of what we’ve learned. Lack of certainty on the outside is turned into clarity on the inside—with clear minds and actions and< the understanding that “I can make change happen”.Even by taking minor steps we create a constructive energy for change.

We Create Impact

million volunteers participate
0 /10
Imapact on waste awareness reported in participaticipating countries
Countries involced in clean up activities
0 %
0f countries government gOt involved in WCD

Meet our team

The foundation of every great team is a direction that energizes, orients, and engages its members. Our success story couldn’t be possible without the help of these great team. 

Bill Willoughby

Regional director for North America.

Anna Gril

Regional director for Europe

Sovann Nou

Regional director for Asia

Pal Martensson

Regional director for Oceania

Stephan Sengor

Regional director for Africa.

Mauro Borsella

Regional director for Latin America.

Anneli Ohvril

Executive director.




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