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Let’s do it movement began in Estonia in 2008 and Cameroon as in the same year under the supervision of Mr. Mbah Federick who handed over to Miss Ngangnjoh Memuntu Riyuh, She coordinated about 500+ Volunteers who came together to clean-up the country in just 5hours,  collecting a waste of about 10 tons of mismanaged waste from naturel spaces and public areas.

         This day in Cameroon was really a reality show and a boom, a global buttom-up civic movement was born in the land and in the subsequent editions. It became a nationwide activity as the mobilized citizens saw the need for the international world clean-up day. These achievements captured the imagination of the people nationwide and worldwide in general as about 180 countries join the movement which was now called the world clean-up day 2012. Coordinated by the let’s do it foundation, this activity aims at keeping the world clean.

          In 2012, this new international initiative called let’s do it world was started. World clean-up 2012 with the aim of promotions of coordinated countrywide clean-ups to happen from March 24th 2012 to 15th September 2012. Let’s do it foundation was founded to coordinate this project and the first single day of global clean-up action was world clean-up day 2018 in which Cameroon took part actively.

          The world clean-up day 2018 was coordinated by Miss Ngangjoh Memunatu Riyuh who took over from Mr. Mbah Federick through a recognition letter signed by the president of let’s do it world in Talinn Estonia. As a young pushfull and dynamic lady, Miss Ngangnjoh was able to mobilize close to 20 partner organizations with the help of her assistant Mr. Ndassa Younchouwou Who brought close to 500+ Volunteers to the street to keep Cameroon clean. This activities  through the first massive realization of let’s do it Cameroon met with a lot of challenges as there was no funding from partners or sponsors, just the use of our personal resources because the objective was to see our country clean. Our greatest impact was the awareness created as many other volunteers and partners eventually joined the action especially on the next world clean-up day on the 21st of September 2019, then this year’s edition 2020 was a global boom.

            All the above mentioned world clean-up activities earn let’s do it Cameroon 3 certificates of participation and a certificate of appreciation from the head quarter in Kosovo. Today, close to a million Cameroonians are holders of certificate of participation either as a volunteer or as a partnersb offered by The Let’s Do It world through Miss Ngangnjoh (country leader) and her new executive board of about 10 executive members ready to offer their services voluntarily.

         Nevertheless, the vision and the objectives of let’s do Cameroon is vast and beneficial to Cameroon youths and the population in facing the issue of waste mismanagement in Cameroon that has contributed to the misuse of our natural resources, our workshops and trainings on waste management can be very beneficial to the entrepreneur sector, and very lucrative for economy development principles.

         The 2020 has been a remarkable year for our flagship project (world clean-up day) that is ready to change the face of our environment and reduce, reuse and recycle waste products in Cameroon. After acquiring a legal status as an international organization here in Cameroon let’s do it, Cameroon will serve as a channel through which the government can reconstruct, reinvest in it economy. Let’s do it Cameroon is an activator to the loose skills and creativity of young Cameroonians. We look up to the government to give us the opportunity to excel.

Ngangnjoh Memuntu Riyuh
National coordinator
ALI David
Assistant coordonnateur national
Office secretary
National Communicator
Ebanga Mvondo Simeon Richard
Secrétaire général
Muma Charles Nji
CONSULTANT Let’s Do It Cameroon
Damaris Sirri Ambendu
Public animator