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Success motivates us

Carrefour Market

The carrefour market did a very great job by mobilizing close to 500 volunteers in the city of Yaounde and Douala. This remarkable action explains why the carrefour market has been our main partner (sponsor for 2 years offering about 500+ T- shirts to these volunteers and snacks.

Junior Chambers International

The JCI has always been our brother partner. For the past years, the have been the been the ones helping us to molbilise close to 1000 youths through thier youths channels to take part in the activities.


Our partner for recycling for the past years. NAMe recycling is always in charge of supplying the bags to carry the plastics and collect all the plastics trash from recycling.

Challenges in the field.

  • There are insufficient hand gloves
  • Insufficient facemask
  • The organization of the cleanup event in all 10 regions of Cameroon was
    limited, as some mobilized participants could not be reached.
  • Many organizations showed a lot of interest this year after getting to know more about the world cleanup day but their expectations and accusations of the incapable of let’s do it in Cameroon to fund the project, claiming the headquarter in Estonia gave us some funds. 
  • Moreover, the effect of the covid-19 pandemic was very damaging as many
    volunteers refuse to join the movement for contracting the virus through the put
    in place the required safety measure of (washing hands, wearing a face mask and gloves)
  • Limited personal resources, as many of the members and volunteers, put
    together their utile resources to enable get materials and some snacks for the cleanup day.
  • Most of the partners had good numbers of volunteers ready to participate but
    back down with a claim of lack of materials.
  • The partners and sponsors gave nothing or little material or financial support.
  • Most of the volunteers driven by the police were disappointed and returned to their homes for fear of more brutal intervention from the police who were out to maintain peace and others.
  • Some of the trash back taken to some of the vocal points was insufficient as the waste was overflowing. Nevertheless, after the worked cleanup day we went
    there again to reduce the waste overflow.
  • The government on their path was happy with the interaction and encourage verbally but little or no resources were received.
  • The vocal point chosen in all the town was not proper in clean claims of lack of certain materials like rain butt, hard gloves, and machinery to buy out some of the heavy metal blocks access to let out the waste.
  • The letters of authorization of function deposited from the divisional
    offices was not replied due to the political prohibition of public manifestations.
  • The 19th left on a day of mots, for this reason some volunteers who went
    to the streets to pick up the trash were left running and were brutalized by the police who
    mistook them for rollers. Some were even locked up in some of the vocal points and all the elements to release them were futile but was possible some days after.

Networks and Memberships

Let’s do it Cameroon organization values are cooperation, positive thinking, and people, meaning change comes to the world only through engagement (global engagement). Fort the past years, the movement has remained a sweet memory to our partners and volunteers. We thank our partners and volunteers enormously for joining us to share our vision and mission of a clean universe.The let’s do it movement since 2019 has been a transformational one for the let’s do it world, growing from a civic movement into the world’s biggest environmental member countries onboard among which Cameroon is privileged to be one. Despite this challenging year and the effect of theCovid-19 pandemic that has to plunk the world into a state of fear and uncertainty, it did not stop the vision of the let’s do it movement aimed at protecting the environment and its people.

We find more reasons why this movement needs you and I to stand for each other,“together” (let’s) is just an 8-letter word with deeper meaning. The covid-19 era has proven to the world that the let’s do it movement is our savior and we should join hands and perfect our environment (our lives)amidst this fear. The only solution is to protect yourself and save the world“together we can do this”. Let’s do it is putting actions at the forefront by building a strong collaboration between the government, civil society, and business. Thus, 2020 is a year of acting together “let’s do it” by protecting our planet. Because we are brothers and sisters, we need to act like one, let’s do it is counting on its nationwide/worldwide network and our partners as well as stakeholders to help us make a difference “Yes together, we can”. 

Government support and Regional Representatives

We work in hand with many government organizations and sometimes receive assistance from them. some of which include:

government support
Lets Fight Dirt


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